How To Let More Light Into Room

Let more light into room to get that bright aura of your home. Here is how you can do it using natural light and simple tips and tricks.

It is always a good home decor idea to make as much use of natural light as you possibly can. Even  if your window or door is small and there is only a little light coming in, you can still utilise it to let more light into room.

Let More Light Into Room

Let More Light Into RoomInstead using a dense and dark curtains, use sheer see-through curtains of light color. By removing thick or dark curtains you will immediately have more light in the room. The white color will help you spread the light on the curtains and it will look like the window is bigger and wider thai it actually is.

Also, make sure that the curtains are at least one foot (about 30 cm) above the window or a door line.

Let them spread down to the floor and it will create an impression that the amount of light coming through the window is greater.

If there is a table in the room, don’t cover it with a table-cloth but instead leave it uncovered. Use the glass table or one with a glossy surface so that the light will reflect from it and create more light in the room. If you absolutely have to cover the table, then cover just part of it, usually in the middle. Use some light or complementary colors.

To create better effect and let more light into room, you can add a light color to the ceiling and leave the walls in white.  Even more is achieved if the chandelier is made of clean glass or the light crystal.

Avoid too dark tones of the furniture, although here and there is good for the contrast. Make sure your floor is made of polished wood or ceramic tiles. Ideally wood should be smeared with some high quality oil, which has smaller molecules than the varnish and makes the wood more shiny.

The Light Mirroring

Let More Light Into RoomIt is well know that shiny surfaces reflect the light and make a room to appear more radiant with light.

This means that you can add to your room a bright door knobs, a large stylish mirror, silver pictures frames on the wall or other places, a glass to a book cabinet and so on. Have in mind that the more the glass is thicker, the more light will be reflected.

For example, a large mirror at the end of the short hallway will make it look longer and brighter. Or if you have the situation where the window is near the end of the wall. By placing the mirror of the same size as the window, as close to the window as you can, you will get the effect of the double window or a corner window, since the light will bounce from that window and let more light into room.

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